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For Beer Lovers
Boulevard Wheat   $
Style: An unfiltered American beer with a natural citrus flavor and cloudy appearance.
Boulders Buffalo Gold Ale   $
Style: A golden ale that’s easy drinking with mild maltiness and floral hops.
Fat Tire Amber Ale   $
Style: A traditional Belgian amber ale. Well balanced hops and malts. Slightly floral bouquet with a smooth malty finish.
Boulevard Pale Ale   $
Style: An amber color beer with zesty aromas of whole hops.
Warsteiner Premium Dunkel   $
Style: This is a traditional German dark brown lager. Neither sweet nor overly dry with a slight spicy malti- ness.
Red Stripe   $
Style: Jamaican Lager with a rich and flavorful ale like body.
Stella Artois   $
Style: A Belgium beer dating back to 1366. Clean and crisp with tradition- al lager flavors and a great hoppy nose.
Guinness Stout   $
Style: Irish Dark Stout with a robust taste and full body.
Boulder's Single Track Cooper Ale   $
Style: A refreshing, full-flavored me- dium bodied copper ale. Voted “Best of the Best 2000”.
New Belgium Sunshine Wheat   $
Style: A rare filtered wheat beer with a light body and a fruity nose. Spiced with orange peel and coriander.
Molson Canadian   $
Style: Canada’s Finest and oldest brewery.
Labbat's Blue   $
Style: A fine Canadian lager.
Sierra Nevada India Pale Ale   $
Style: A very flavorful and hoppy ale.
Shiner Blonde and Bock   $
Style: Bavarian beers made in Shiner Texas with old-world lager aromas and distinct finish.
St. Bernardus Abt 12   $
Style: Known for it’s large frothy head and high alcohol content (10.5%) it boasts a dark ivory color and a fruity flavor as well.
Breckenridge Avalanche Ale   $
Style: A refreshing but flavorful any time beer! Aromas of pale grains and flavors of caramel malts.
Corona   $
Style: Brewed south of the border. Enjoyed with limes and coarse sea salt.
Big Sky Moose Drool   $
Style: A chocolate brown creamy texture brewed with pale caramel chocolate and black hops.
New Belgium 1554   $
Style: Great for both the dark and light beer drinker. Made with dark malts and light lager yeasts. Rich and complex.
Smithwick's Irish Ale   $
Style: Clear and refreshing ale that balances bitter hops with roasted barley.
Bass   $
Distinctive caramel; hints of nuts and plum
Beck's   $
Malts, Bavarian hops, and carbon filtered water
Heineken   $
Euro Pale Lager style beer
Dos Equis Amber   $
The body and bouquet of a fine amber ale
Dos Equis Lager   $
Fresh, crisp and golden; more like a pilsner than a traditional lager
Newcastle Brown Ale   $
Authentic English ale with a unique taste
Odell 90 Schilling   $
Our flagship beer - delicious medium-bodied amber ale
Odell Easy Street Wheat   $
Light and refreshing, with a smooth finish
Woodchuck Amber   $
Sweet (but not too sweet); a crisp finish
Leinenkugel honey Weiss   $
A Kristalweizen with a touch of honey
Samuel Adams Boston Ale   $
Spicy and earthy hops; fruity taste
Samuel Adams Boston Lager   $
Full flavored with hops and malt
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale   $
A very flavorful and hoppy ale
Sprecher Black Bavarian   $
Flavors of coffee, caramel and chocolate
Sprecher Hefe Weiss   $
Light spiciness and hints of citrus fruit
Domestic Beers
Budweiser   $
Bud Lime   $
Bud Light   $
Bud Select   $
Bush Light   $
Coors Light   $
Michelob Amberbock   $
Michelob Ultra   $
Lucky bucket IPA   $
Brewed here in La Vista Nebraska
MGD 64   $
O' Doul's - N/A   $
Other Beverages
Lemonade   $1.95
Iced Tea   $1.95
Pepsi Cola   $1.95
Diet Pepsi   $1.95
Coca Cola (bottle)   $2.00
Diet Coke (bottle)   $2.00
Mug Root Beer   $1.95
Dr Pepper   $1.95
Sierra Mist   $1.95
Sprecher Root Beer   $2.95
Sprecher Cream Soda   $2.95
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